Commercial Kitchen Food Counter for Restaurants and Hotels is the most demanding kitchen equipment, presently. Stainless Steel Kitchen Counter have been considered essential kitchen equipment as it relies on one of the highest generating kitchen appliances. Srihari is one of the renowned Food Counters Manufacturers in the industry, holding multiple reputed food chain players as customers. We are the foremost choice for most people in the industry. The Commercial Fast Food Counter we offer outperforms other brands with its efficient and seamless performance of the equipment. Srihari’s Food Service Counter occupies the primary space of the kitchen layout. For convenient and faster servicing, Stainless Steel Commercial Counters are positioned at the front face of the hotel/restaurant/fast food shop. To fulfill customers’ requirements, we design and manufacture SS Counters in such a way that matches up with the hotel’s indoor and outdoor ambiance. Srihari is one of the leading SS Food Counter Manufacturers in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu offering counters at the best cost-effective price in the market.

Technically, the Commercial Kitchen Counter are subjected to bear the additional weight of the food vessels placed on them. Srihari keeps this requirement when designing and manufacturing Stainless Steel Counter. We prefer rugged and high-strength stainless steel to fabricate Fast Food Counters. Therefore, we assure highly durable Food Counters, starting from the materials preferred to the quality testing of the finished products. Commercial Chat Counter is most commonly used in the application of preparing live foods. Srihari’s SS Counter is designed with the provision of an LPG Burner and the gas line in a special space featured in the counter. Cleaning and maintenance have become the concern of the user/customer. Stainless Steel has greater benefits compared to other materials. The featuring of the SS sheet on the top surface of the Kitchen Counter enables the user to have control over the cleanliness. The foods that are spilled over the Kitchen Counter do not reduce the longevity of the counter.

Stainless Steel is highly corrosion-resistant. The spilling of food/water/oil during the cooking process does not develop rust formation. The Food Counter from Srihari are made to last longer, thus benefitting the customers in saving investments and maintenance costs. Requirements for SS Counters vary from customer to customer. Srihari manufactures an array of Stainless Steel Food Counters to satisfy our customers’ requirements. The supports of the Commercial Counters are manufactured with rigid steel. The SS Counters are featured with shelves at the top and bottom. We manufacture Display Counter for Bakeries to keep their baked food items warm and to showcase a variety of eatables. The bakery makes it available for their walk-ins. The display material we prefer in the fabrication of Commercial Kitchen Counters is of the highest grade. The surface finish of the counter is made perfect. Hence, Srihari’s Display Counter retains the bakery and hotel ambiance.

Srihari manufactures Commercial SS Juice Counter, Tea/Coffee Counter, Chat Counter, Snacks Counter, Parcel Counters, Hot Food Live Counters, and Food Pick Up Counters, with durable and reliable requirements. Sections/shelves/partitions featured in the counters enable the user to use the maximum space of the Commercial Kitchen Food Counter. The height between the counter shelves is designed to assist the user in having hassle-free utilization in storing and retrieving the utensils. The connections in a Fast Food Counter are made with high-strength welds and bolted connections. Srihari assists customers in saving more costs with quality and cost-effective offerings.

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