Induction Equipment

Srihari is one of the industry’s reputed Commercial Induction Equipment Manufacturers, offering the highest quality kitchen appliances. Our manufacturing facility is featured with state-of-the-art infrastructure to Manufacture Induction Cooking Equipment. The technology integrated with the Commercial Kitchen Electric Equipment is advanced. Therefore, Srihari’s Induction Equipment delivers efficient performance that reflects on the output capacity of the cooking process. As the entire operation relies on electricity, there is a chance for concerns about safety and preventive measures. Srihari addresses the customers’ concerns about safety measures by manufacturing kitchen appliances of a predefined design and fusing electrical components without developing electrical malfunctions. Heating, boiling, and cooking are the most common food preparation operations processed with the aid of Commercial Induction Equipment. The materials, electrical parts, vessels, build cover, and other components preferred in the fabrication of Commercial Induction Equipment are highly durable. Srihari’s Electric Cooking Appliances serves for a long time and incurs very low maintenance.

Commercial Kitchen Induction Cooking Equipment is designed and manufactured to consume less electricity. Optimizing the power consumption assists the customers in getting the benefit of lower operating costs. Hence, Srihari’s Commercial Induction Equipment is the cost-saver and the best resource for boosting the profitability of hotels/restaurants. The kitchen appliances we manufacture are integrated with the technology to shift the heating temperature from high to low and vice versa within seconds. Hotels and Restaurants have great control over the cooking process, enabling them to cook delicious dishes at the prerequisite temperature without any rise/fall. Srihari, the reputed Commercial Induction Cooking Manufacturer, manufactures kitchen equipment with sensors and tuners to maintain consistent cooking/heating/boiling temperatures. The technology preferred in making Srihari’s Commercial Kitchen Induction supports cooking vessels of varying sizes. The heating of cooking appliances catches up within a few seconds; hence the cooking operation takes a shorter time than conventional cooking.

The product design of Commercial Induction Cooking Equipment enables the user to have access to easy cleaning. The fabrication of the equipment is done with rugged materials. The Induction Kitchen Equipment is aesthetically designed and manufactured to match the modern kitchen layout of hotels and restaurants. The wiring of the kitchen equipment is provided with sufficient length to fit into the sockets with ease. Commercial Electric Live Counters are designed to give the chef and users comfortable usability like conventional kitchen counters. The controllers featured in the kitchen equipment are designed to give the user instant control over the cooking process.

As the people’s trusted Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer, we manufacture an extensive range of Induction Cooking Equipment. Srihari is the One-stop solution for hotels, restaurants, and catering to fulfil their induction requirements under one roof. We manufacture Commercial Induction Cooking Equipment, Induction Idly Steamer, Induction Hot Plate Tawa, Induction Kadai, Induction Rice Boilers, Induction Milk Boilers, Induction Bret Pan, Induction Live Counter Table Top, Induction Continuous Roaster, and All in one dehydrator/dryers. Since kitchen equipment fabrication involves steel materials and electricity, Srihari gives special attention to manufacturing Induction Kitchen Equipment with Shock-Proof. In some food preparation processes, the Electric Cooking Equipment has direct contact with the foods. To ensure hygienic food preparation, we strongly prefer food-grade materials of the highest grade. Commercial Electric Cooking Appliances are free of voltage fluctuations, maximizing their usability for many more years.

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