Srihari’s Commercial Refrigerator is the most preferred Refrigeration in Restaurants and Hotels. We take pride in being the industry's most trusted Commercial Refrigerator Manufacturers. The Commercial Refrigerator delivers the most demanding requirement of keeping the foods and vegetables for preparing meals and dishes. The primary purpose of a Commercial Kitchen Freezer is to store and keep the foods that greatly require the coldest temperatures. Srihari addresses our customers' major concern about maintaining the refrigerator's constant temperature. The components integrated with the Commercial Fridge enhance the overall performance of the cooling unit and keep the stored food in the defined state.

Commercial Freezers for Restaurants and Hotels demand storage space with compartments to store the foods in an organized way. Srihari designs and Manufactures Refrigeration with the requisite space to store foods effortlessly and efficiently. In addition to storage space, the even distribution of cold air in each level of the Freezer partition is assured in our Commercial Refrigerator. Thereby, assisting our customers in overcoming their concerns efficiently. When there is a fall in temperature, the foods start to break down, hence the shelf life is reduced. Our Commercial Refrigerator stalls the decay time and increases the foods’ shelf life by maintaining a cold temperature. The temperature controller is featured in our Commercial Kitchen Refrigerator to have control over and change the freezing temperature as per the customer’s requirements. The restaurant's Refrigerator from Srihari functions more efficiently as soon as the temperature adjustments are made.

Srihari takes utmost care in the preference of selecting the material that is to be fabricated in the Commercial Freezer and Refrigerator. Freezing temperatures, electricity, electronics and the base material function holistically. Our Commercial Refrigerator and Fridge are designed and manufactured assuring shock-proof. The materials preferred in the fabrication of a Freezer does not react to the working condition of the cold storage system. Srihari follows stringent testing procedures to assure that Commercial Refrigeration is completely safe to use and operate continuously. Our Freezer is designed to withstand the wear and tear in the routine usage of the machine. Also, depending on the requirements of short-term and long-term, the location of the machine gets shifted. The vibrations and distress generated due to the external conditions do not impact the function and performance of Srihari’s Kitchen Equipments. Our cold storage system is highly durable and reliable delivering significant operations.

Condenser and automatic defrosting are featured at the defined position in the Refrigerator. Srihari’s Refrigerator is highly efficient in optimizing energy consumption. Advanced sensors are embedded in the Refrigeration system to frost and defrost when the cooling temperature lags and exceeds the desired temperature. The overall operational efficiency of our Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer outperforms every critical aspect of cost optimizations. Srihari is very much peculiar in preferring the condenser that boosts the performance of the cooling system.

The preference for Commercial Refrigeration varies from customer to customer. Kitchen layout and space constraints are the primary concerns of restaurants and hotels. Srihari addresses these concerns with our Refrigeration System. We offer Stainless Steel Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Visi Coolers, Back Bars, Pastry Cabinets, and Ice Cube Machines to our customers to satisfy their cold storage requirements in parallel to the layout of their kitchen. Srihari’s Kitchen Equipments Refrigerators add value to the investment made by our customers. Our Refrigeration solutions assist our customers to choose the cooling system that satisfies their requirements. With the contemplation of the futuristic Refrigerator requirements, our team of experts suggests the best solution that increases their ROI. The output capacity of Stainless Steel Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Visi Coolers, Back Bars, Pastry Cabinets, and Ice Cube Machines are available at the standard specifications and at the same time, we manufacture Customized Commercial Refrigerators with highly beneficial features on request.

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