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Srihari, the leading Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers, incorporated with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to design, engineer, and manufacture top-performing kitchen appliances. We stay ahead of the competition in the industry with our finest offerings, engineered with standard and tailor-made solutions.

Preparing delicious foods starts with a first-class appliance. Srihari has a huge customer base of highly satisfied customers. Our commercial kitchen products allowed our customers to have great control over their cooking process. The controls and cooking adjustments are engineered for excellence for the Commercial Kitchen Equipment we manufacture, such as Steam Equipments, LPG Burner Gas Ranges, Bain Maries, Dishwashers, Kitchen Machineries, Counters, Refrigerators, Food Machinery, Dining Table, Sinks and Kitchen Gratings, Hotel Shoppee, and many more.

Being one of the most renowned Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers, the products we manufacture are highly diverse, allowing our customers to benefit from end-to-end kitchen appliance demands under one roof. Srihari’s HoReCa Solutions ranked the top preferences of chefs to limit their cooking time. Our offerings are designed to beautify the commercial kitchen of Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering with compact and glossy Kitchen Equipment designs. Partnering with Srihari assists you transform your kitchen into a more modular one and boosts your ROI through its durability and extended serviceability.

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Srihari Kitchen Story

ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company

Srihari Kitchen Equipments Private Limited, founded in 2010, started to prove our result-proven kitchen equipment solution to be highly reliable and efficient from day 1. We, the Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers, registered our strong and significant presence in our targeted marketplace, attracting the leading food industry players with our outstanding solution.

Our success journey is not an overnight story. Under the guidance of Mr J Karthik, we started to dominate the hotel industry. Srihari crafted the journey with the addition of happy customers across hotels, restaurants, and catering, who are people's highly valued brands/firms/organizations. Each customer approaches us with unique demands. Srihari has a solid workforce, suggesting the best Commercial Kitchen Equipment, which magnifies their food preparation turnover from their available kitchen layout. Our team visits the customer's kitchen to plan, design, and suggest the equipment that enhances the working environment to suit the chef's comfort in preparing the hotel's delicious offerings at easy reach. Srihari takes customer's problems into account, processes them with highly efficient kitchen appliances, and registers a special spot in the customers' hearts with solutions that aid them in restricting the recurring food preparation challenges to the maximum extent. We created our history, penning our present milestones, and marching towards a success-driven direction to create an unparalleled story in the hotel industry.

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Commercial Kitchen Design

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Industry we serve

You name the segment, and we deliver our Commercial Kitchen Equipment solution. The food preparation capacity varies with the segment. Srihari, the most trusted Kitchen Manufacturer for Hotels and Restaurants, manufactures commercial cooking equipment in different capacities to satisfy customers' demanding requirements and save their investment holistically. The food menu differs from segment to segment and also depends on the food preferences of their walk-in customers.

Srihari manufactures an extensive range of SS Cooking Equipment to prepare different food varieties that an end consumer demands. We engineer kitchen appliances exclusively for Hotels, Restaurants, Industrial Canteens, Schools, Colleges, Bakeries, Food Courts, Fast Food, and Hospital Canteens. Attract your customers with faster serving times and short-time cooking, boosting your hotel's profitability with increased footfalls with Srihari’s Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

Delicious food, devoted customers With Srihari's Commercial Kitchen Equipment, preparing different varieties of flavorful foods will be unrestricted. We provide a one-stop solution for our customers operating their businesses across diverse segments. "Commercial" is a unified category with varied integration of kitchen equipment, delivering various applications and functionalities. Our products feature a remarkable product design that perfectly suits our customers' kitchens in hotels, restaurants, canteens, and much more. Our products are designed to enhance the purpose and functionality of the Commercial Kitchen, assisting the chefs to cook foods in controlled working conditions. We have a reputation and competitive advantage in Manufacturing Commercial Kitchen Equipment exclusive to the specified food industry segment with standard and tailor-made specifications.

The unlimited edition of cooking starts with top-performing kitchen equipment. Hotels and restaurants strive to serve top-notch food with flavors that mouthwater with every bite. We, the Manufacturer of Commercial Kitchen Equipment, have gratified their most demanding requirements with our finest solutions. The cooking range we design and engineer allows the chef to articulate their mastery of cooking different dishes with ease. The feasibility they avail of from our product stands out in the market, which assisted us in increasing our customer base of satisfied and happy clients. With our Commercial Cooking Appliances, the chefs have unveiled their skills to deliver unmatchable, wholesome food to consumers. Be it traditional or Western food varieties, we impress our customers across various segments with our Kitchen Equipment range.

Creating a plateful of delightful foods is now attainable with our solutions. It is typical to counter the rise and fall of a trend. The consumer's food preferences have to be satisfied simultaneously to survive in the competitive marketplace and to attract new customers. Srihari has an array of offerings that allow our customers to prepare for ever-changing food trends. We have earned the customer's trust by ranking as one of the best Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers. We stay with the trend and modify our production strategies when designing and engineering the latest Kitchen Equipment. We have a dedicated team to analyze the end consumer's favorite dishes for research, development, and launch equipment that helps our customers stay ahead of the competition by offering new varieties.

The cooking style of chefs plays a vital role. Srihari takes these metrics into account. As a result, we can assist the chefs with adjustments, specifications, and other tailor-made features. We are diverse, and so are our Kitchen Equipment Solutions. Our competitiveness has given us a top position in the industry. We cater to many segments and have fulfilled our customers' requirements to the core. Our customers have unleashed their strength and vitality to increase their chain operations. Our Commercial Kitchen Equipment products have found a special place in the kitchen layout of the industry's most renowned food industrial players. Are you interested in upscaling your business? Partner with us!

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