• Idly Plant

    Idly Plant

    The kitchen Idly Plant produces the idly with the perfect texture and shape. The moulds in the idly tray have the best product design and the steam in the idly machine passes into all the trays. Our Idly machine bakes all the idly completely and evenly. The steam in the vessels are maintained, Separate doors for the set of trays are provided in the idly vessel. Our commercial idly plant is the best product in the market with maximum benefits. The drain valve is provided at the vessel to eject the processed water.


    Chef hatBuilt in SS 304

    Chef hatAuto Cut Off

    Chef hatSerparate Doors

    Chef hatUniform Boiling

    Chef hatEach Tray 20 Idly


    Chef hatBoiling Time 8-10 Mins

    Chef hatLow Running Cost


    Capacity60 nos, 120 nos, 180 nos, 240 nos, 300 nos