• Gas Rice Cooker

    Gas Rice Cooker

    The Gas rice cooker generates a high temperature in the vessel to boil the rice. The water gets easily transformed into steam with high pressures. The drain valve is provided at the vessel to eject the processed water. The tilt feature is added to the vessel to transfer the baked rice. The gas burner is attached at the bottom of the rice cooker for continuous preparation flow. The gas inlet of the vessel is sealed for safer usage and the vessel can perform over a long period of time.


    Chef hatSS 304 material

    Chef hatMounted on gas burner stand

    Chef hatAvailable with double/triple jacketed

    Chef hatManual / Gear box tilting method


    Chef hatCan boil Rice/ Vegetables / Milk

    Chef hatGas saving method

    Chef hatEasy installation

    Chef hatEasy to Use


    80 LTR475 MM
    100 LTR 525 MM
    120 LTR 600 MM
    150 LTR 650 MM
    200 LTR 700 MM