• Steam Boiler

    Steam Boiler

    We are the leading manufacturer of Kitchen Steam Boilers in the market at the best quality at a competitive price. The boilers have higher durability and are highly corrosion resistant. The boilers transfer the steam at high pressure and at high temperature to the container vessels without any fluctuations. The temperature can be controlled using the indicators and the excess steam can be ejected through outlet pipes. Steam boilers are the best choice for Hotels, Restaurants and Canteens.


    Chef HatBuilt in heavy MS and SS

    Chef HatGas/Firewood

    Chef HatSafety valve, Water level indicator, Drain valve

    Chef HatAutomatic float valve


    Chef HatEasy to operate

    Chef HatEffortless bulk cooking

    Chef HatLow running cost

    Chef HatAvailable in Firewood / Gas model


    CapacityPressure Out Put Cap
    500 LTR100 KG/HR
    400 LTR 75 KG/HR
    300 LTR 60 KG/HR
    200 LTR 40 KG/HR
    100 LTR 30 KG/HR