Exhaust and Fresh Air System

A Commercial Kitchen is complete and fulfilled when equipped with Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan. Srihari is the industry’s best Kitchen Exhaust Fan Manufacturers, offering the kitchen ventilation system at the best quality and cost-effective price. The Ventilation system delivers greater functions of keeping the kitchen more comfortable. Srihari prefers the most reliable and durable materials in manufacturing Kitchen Exhaust Hoods. We design Kitchen Exhaust Fans keeping the modern aesthetic kitchen layout in mind. The exhaust fan delivers seamless performance and is highly efficient around the clock. Srihari provides an end-to-end Kitchen Exhaust Hood System and assists customers with the right ventilation solution. Our Exhaust Fan is one of the top-performing kitchen ventilation in the industry. Srihari’s Ventilation System is exclusively designed for Restaurants, Hotels, Mutli-cuisine restaurants, and 5 Star Hotels.

Typically, air, smoke, and grease evolve in the kitchen space once the cooking process has started. Removing the exploited kitchen air is necessary to keep the space clean and hygienic. Srihari’s Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan efficiently removes grease and smoke quickly. Our customers have a competitive advantage as Srihari’s Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood delivers the most demanding type 1 and type 2 ventilations operation. Comfortable kitchen space is assured with the aid of exhaust. The CFM determines the efficiency of a Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood. Srihari’s Kitchen Ventilation System is featured with high CFM. Hence it is suitable for large-span kitchen areas. The exhaust rate of Srihari’s Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan is greater than other available brands in the market.

Cleaning and maintenance are the concerns of the user. Srihari addresses the customer’s worrying factor with the modest design of the exhaust hood. We have a dedicated team of experts to design the Kitchen Exhaust Fan enabling the user to have easy access to cleaning and maintenance. As a Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Manufacturer, the parts and accessories involved in the assembly of an exhaust fan are highly durable, limiting the requirement for refurbishment to the maximum extent. Typically, the air, smoke, and grease removed from the kitchen settled on the exhaust components. Srihari’s choice of preferred materials has resulted in easy cleaning. The need for extra time and effort for cleaning is greatly minimized. The assembly of the exhaust fan and complete system is designed to enable easy and efficient maintenance at any stage without dismantling the entire Kitchen Exhaust Hood.

Srihari’s Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan is featured with static pressure. The external wind pressure does not affect the functioning of our Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System. We manufacture Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods, Blowers, Fresh Air Units, and Ducting. Srihari’s Kitchen Fresh Air Unit comforts the workers and chefs with fresh air. Hence the optimum kitchen room temperature is maintained throughout the cooking operation. The provision of a Kitchen Blower to the Ventilation System increases the exhausting capacity. Hence, the removal of smoke or air results in faster operation. The electronics and wirings integrated into Srihari’s Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System were not defective when the grease rested on it during the exhausting operation. Srihari ensures the exhaust hood withstands varying working temperatures and conditions. In addition, our exhausting system is efficient in removing odors. The Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System with Blower and Ducting incurs lower operating costs, so our customers have the leverage to save more.

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