• Exhaust Hoods

    Exhaust Hoods

    Commercial Exhaust Hoods are designed to pull out the pollution and smokes in the kitchen area. The Exhausters suck the air, the dust particles get collected in the filters and the remaining air is released into the atmosphere. The kitchen hoods create a workable environment within a short period and it incurs fewer electricity charges. The hoods are available in different models and sizes to satisfy the customer needs.


    Chef HatAll hoods are made out of 202 / 304 material

    Chef HatGrease filters provided

    Chef HatGrease collection and outlet provided

    Chef HatLight fixing provision

    Chef HatInbulit fresh air option

    Chef HatCustomized sizes


    Chef HatSingle Skin Exhaust Hood

    Chef HatDouble Skin Exhaust Hood

    Chef HatWall Mounted Model

    Chef HatKennepy Model

    Chef HatHighland Model