• Grating with SS Bottom

    Grating with SS Bottom

    The Kitchen Gratings are made of high-grade stainless steel of corrosion-resistant. The Gratings act as a filter to retain the large solid particles in the kitchen sink. The SS bottom gratings are suitable for closed drain system where it makes the free flow of wastewater. The Gratings have a stronghold cemented to the drain pipes and they withstand high pressure.


    Chef HatMade out of SS sheet

    Chef HatTop vertcial thick flat with V groove

    Chef HatWaste collection provision

    Chef HatSuitable for closed drain


    12” x 12” – 300 x 300 mm
    24” x 12” – 600 x 300 mm
    36” x 12” – 900 x 300 mm
    48” x 12” – 1200 x 300 mm