• Canteen Bainmarie

    Canteen Bainmarie

    Canteen Bainmarie are exclusively designed and manufactured for Canteens. This product helps you to serve a large number of people over a long time period. The food temperature is maintained at the same level by heating the water. The bainmarie product is made of good grade stainless steel and the kitchen machine is suitable for large crowded canteen and industrial canteen.


    Chef HatTop 304 grade 1.5 mm thickness sheet

    Chef HatTank 304 grade 1.2 mm thickness sheet

    Chef HatElectrical thermostat heater

    Chef HatTray slider

    Chef HatOption – undershelf and overheadshelf and covering

    Chef HatGas / Steam model available


    Chef HatHot food can be served at anytime


    Capacity60” x 27” x 33” – 4 gn 1/1, 72” x 27” x 33”- 5 gn 1/1,
    84” x 27” x 33” – 6 gn 1/1