• Work Table 3 Sides Covered with Doors

    The shelves in the work tables are made with side doors to secure the stored products from theft and other external malpractices. The doors of the shelves can be easily opened and closed. The work table and the side doors are made of good quality materials that have longer durability. The work tables help you to have any time access on the food materials and other things.


    Chef HatTop 304 grade 1.5 mm thickness sheet

    Chef HatBottom L angle / pipe frame work option

    Chef Hat3 side covered with 1 mm sheet with doors

    Chef HatUndershelf 1.2 mm/ 1mm thickness sheet

    Chef HatAdequate stiffener provided for sound dead end

    Chef HatLegs 38 mm 1.5 mm thick pipes with adjustable nylon boots


    36โ€ x 24โ€ x 33โ€ โ€“ 900 x 600 x 850 - 36โ€ x 30โ€ x 33โ€- 900 x 750 x 850
    48โ€ x 24โ€ x 33โ€ - 1200 x 600 x 850 โ€“ 48โ€ x 30โ€ x 33โ€- 1200 x 750 x 850
    60โ€ x 24โ€ x 33โ€ - 1500 x 600 x 850 - 60โ€ x 30โ€ x 33โ€ - 1500 x 750 x 850
    72โ€ x 24โ€ x 33โ€ - 1800 x 600 x 850 - 72โ€ x 30โ€ x 33โ€ - 1800 x 750 x 850
    Customized size available
    Splash back option available