• Barbeque Griller

    Barbeque Griller

    Barbeque Griller is made of high-quality Stainless steel materials, The equipment utilises gas to cook the chicken. The barbecue machine cooks the chicken in a shorter time period. The gas flames in the griller equipment are controlled and the stains in the machine can be cleaned easily. The chicken griller is available in both Gas and Charcoal models. The barbeque machine helps you to bake the barbeque at desired heat. The proper texture of the bbq dishes is achieved with our griller equipment. Our product is the best choice to make bbq in Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeteria and temporary standing shops.


    Chef HatSS 202/304 material

    Chef HatCharcoal / Gas model

    Chef HatTop SS grill


    Chef HatInsulated body

    Chef HatEasy to move

    Chef HatNo maintenance


    Capacity2 grills, 3 grills