• Four Burner Range

    Four Burner Range

    Four Burner Range Gas stove minimizes the cooking preparation time. The four stove flame is controlled by the individual valves. Gas consumption is possible by the pilot burner option. The gas stove is made of good grade stainless steel. The burner has an extra feature of Oven attached along with the stove. The gas oven stove is controlled by special controls. The best suitable product for preparing more than 3 foods at a parallel time. Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeteria and Canteens has more benefits in utilizing the Four Burner Gas Range.


    Chef HatSS 304 material

    Chef HatTop heavy L angle frame

    Chef HatCast iron ring

    Chef HatQuality burner

    Chef HatGas control valve


    Chef HatOven option

    Chef HatAdjustable nylon boots

    Chef HatPilot burner option

    Chef HatDrip tray option

    Chef HatEasy installation

    Chef HatEasy to use


    Capacity2100 x 600 x 450 MM, 750 x 750 x 600 MM, 900 x 900 x 850 MM