• Grill Machine

    Grill Machine

    Srihari supplies the best quality grill machine which makes the meat to cook at the desired level. Chicken grill equipment maintains the required temperature throughout the cooking process. The chicken is perfectly cooked and the ingredients in the meat give an awesome taste that is made in all layers of the chicken. The glass door is provided in the gas grill machine to visually record the baking chicken level. The flames inside the machine can be easily controlled and the cooked chicken has the taste and freshness for a long time. The grill machine is suitable for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeteria and other commercial requirements.


    Chef HatSS 202/304 material

    Chef HatGas model

    Chef HatWheels with brake


    Chef HatGlass door

    Chef HatEasy to move


    Capacity9 birds, 12 birds, 15 birds, 20 birds