• Griddle Plate

    Griddle Plate

    We are the best distributors in the market to supply the highest quality Griddle plate from the top brands. The Kitchen Griddle is easy to clean and it is grease-free from food items. The Griddles are provided with more mesh to cook the small-sized food items. The materials used in the griddle plate withstand high temperatures and they transfer the heat to the food items at ease. The time required for food preparation in the griddle is less. Our team are expertise in service and maintenance of the equipment. The Kitchen Griddle is readily available for on-spot purchase.


    Electric Griddle Plate2 Ft ( Flat Plate) // 3 Ft ( Flat Plate) // 3 Ft ( Full Grooved) // 3 Ft ( Half Grooved & Half Flat Plate)
    Gas Griddle PlateBig (72.5 x 54 x 23 CM) Small (55 x 49 x 23 CM)