• Chappathi Cooking Machine - Automatic

    Chappathi Cooking Machine - Automatic

    Srihari manufactures the highest output chappathi producing machine in the market. Chappathi produced from the kitchen satisfies the defined product form and chappathi shape. The machine is free from chappathi scalps at the time of production. The machine uses the heavyweight presser to make the chappathi. Srihari produces the chappathi cutting machine which eliminates the human involvement in making the desired product shape. The cooking machine can perform continuously over a longer time with less interval of machine ideal time.


    Chef HatChappathi pressing machine – 900 per Hour – Electric Heating Plate – Pneumatic Model

    Chef HatChapathi beda / ball cutting machine – 800 per Hour – Pneumatic

    Chef HatFully Automatic Machine – 1000/2000 per Hour