• Cook Wok

    Cook Wok kitchen equipment is manufactured to completely eliminate the human energy wasted in the easy cook works. The machine is easy to use and it is provided with an automatic feature to prepare the food items. The kitchen equipment is used to prepare foods like sambar, milk sweets and it is suitable for cooking the bulk food of the same item. The product has high durability than other products in the market.


    Chef HatCooks food with out manpower

    Chef HatStandard receipy and taste

    Chef HatSambar, Gravy, Halwa, Milk Sweets

    Chef HatIdeal for bulk cooking

    Chef HatThick SS plate

    Chef HatMS / SS body

    Chef HatEnergy saving model

    Chef HatRotating sterror in various speed

    Chef HatGas operated

    Chef HatSteam option available

    Chef Hat100,150,200,300,400,500 LTR Model